Resources compiled by AVTE educators for you and your students.  

Teaching students to care for their well-being can be challenging, but self-care is essential for thriving in any veterinary medical career. This begins with faculty and staff modeling self-care and well-being.  We’ve gathered activities to raise self-awareness that can easily be shared in the classroom and as homework.  They can be used as posted or modified to meet the needs of you, your faculty/staff, and your students.   

You are welcome to modify these activities to fit your classroom needs.  Please maintain citations and acknowledgment of the original AVTE author in any modified documents.  Contact information for the author is included with each resource if you’d like additional information. 

Let’s Grow This Resource Together!!! 

This is an evolving resource we hope to expand with your input. Please submit lesson plans for activities that support student (or instructor) well-being.  LET US KNOW IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS.

  • Use a descriptive title that Includes an approximate time for the activity. 

  • Include your name and email at the end of the document for members to reach out with additional questions. 

  • Word documents are preferred. 

  • All submissions will be reviewed by the AVTE Wellbeing Committee before posting....send materials to us today!

Initial Resources (from launch - August 2023)

Wellness Articles


Calming Activities for Exams (2-5 minutes)
Gratitude Board (no time limit)
I am Activity (10 minutes, in class)
Outdoor Stress Relief (15-20 minutes, outside)
Tracking Form Activity (1-2 weeks, outside of class)
Wellness Wheel Coloring Activity (10 minutes, in class)

Other Materials

Student Wellness Surveys (example, 5 minutes in class)


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